[Cyborg] cocktail serving dress

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 4 16:30:31 UTC 2010


It's actually called the daredroid:

Anouk Wipprecht, Jane Tingley and Marius Kintel. Special thanks to 
V2_Labs for their assistance.
Daredroid is a biomechanic hybrid cocktail robot, which rewards players 
with a White Russian cocktail upon accepting and completing a game of 
Truth or Dare. The dress combines pneumatic technology with open-source 
hardware and human temperament to provide you with a freshly made White 
Russian cocktail.
Your presence triggers the dress to produce milk, and your willingness 
to play a game of Truth and Dare combined with your natural charm, 
triggers the decision to give you more than just tepid milk.
Breach the intimate space of the human host, and the system shuts down - 
play the game, and be rewarded with sweet White Russian Nectar!!
Do you Dare to play??

I love it.

I saw another machine that made White Russians at the SF barbot party:


I'd totally forgotten about that, but those pumps he uses would make 
pretty good wearable pumps - they are quiet, fairly low power, and 
moderate in size.  They are a lot easier to obtain than an accufusor as 
well :-)


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