[Cyborg] pulsetracer

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 19 23:26:38 UTC 2010


Somehow they have gotten heart-beat detection using only a wrist-mounted 
device (apparently there is nothing in the strap).  That's basically 
black magic, I am super impressed.  They don't say how it works, but I 
found this article that says it's some kind of optical technology:


I wonder how they solved the movement problem that plagues most optical 
approaches?  Maybe the watch is super tight, or somehow conforms really 
well to your skin?

The watch apparently also has a "3D accelerometer and sensors for 
galvanic skin response and ambient/skin temperature".  Looks pretty 
sweet to me.

Of course, they aren't actually shipping yet, it's possible that they 
will have to back off some of those claims.

I found a pretty good demo video too:


Julie says it also does pulse oximetry, i.e. blood oxygen level.

If it really does all that it says, it's probably worth that $199 price 
(although it was apparently $149 until as recently as a few weeks ago...)


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