[Cyborg] iPhone ECG case

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 31 15:56:49 UTC 2010


It's a case for iPhone 4 that has two electrodes on the back, and 
wirelessly (bluetooth?) transmits full ECG data to the iPhone.  You can 
use the electrodes with either your fingers or on your chest.  They are 
promising it'll be less than $100 and launched at the now-imminent CES 

I'm pretty impressed: it's slick, functional and reasonably priced.  But 
I do wonder about their target market.  It doesn't really seem practical 
as a kind of exercise feedback thing, because holding it steady in both 
hands while exercising (running, biking, etc) is gonna be awkward.  And 
the idea that doctors would use it also seems rather bizarre to me - 
although it is considerably easier to use than sticky-electrode-based 
machines, so maybe it has a place at a primary care / family doctors 
office kind of setting?

There are also competing pulse-oximeter apps on modern smart phones, 
that don't even need hardware, they just use the LED flash and camera... 
lower quality, but heck, the price is much lower too.

I wonder if this dude is gonna get in trouble with his company for 
"leaking" their product before the big launch?


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