[Cyborg] wearable fog machines

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Fri Jun 4 08:04:17 UTC 2010

I have actually seen a costume (last weekend even) that used some kind
of smoke machine (it was a Steam Punk costume, a woman with a mohawk had
made a headdress that produced a steam-like fog).  She said it was
nontoxic and it was attached to her belt so it was definitely portable.
 I will try to track her down and ask about it b/c it would be the
perfect thing for this.


Eric Boyd wrote:
> So, we're probably going to need fog machines of some sort in order to 
> make the beams from the laser properly visible.
> There are basically three types of fog generators:
> 1) Chemical, using heat to vaporize "fog juice". This is what clubs use. 
> They typically require a ~kW of power for the heater, and 5 minutes to 
> warm up. Obviously that'll never be wearable.  But, maybe some small 
> wearable version could be built somehow?  I'm thinking of some kind of 
> tiny heater, and a way to "drip" the fog juice.  Not sure how much fog 
> you could get that way though, even if you pulled it off. Almost 
> certainly not the solution we need.  Interestingly, you can get these 
> fog machines surprisingly cheap, I found several at the $50 price point. 
>   Fog juice is about $20/gallon.  Does noisebridge need a fog machine?!?
> 2) Ultrasonic.  Basically, mechanically force vapor out of water.  Makes 
> a heavy (sinking) fog.  Still has fairly large power requirements, 
> typically 24V @>1 amp, i.e. 25W or more - possible for batteries, it'd 
> be heavy, but doable.  This usually only yields a small amount of fog, 
> suitable for e.g. a small fountain.  Maybe that's sufficient.  Can't be 
> used with fog juice, it gums up the ultrasonic emitter (darn!).  Overall 
> I don't think it could be made to work.
> 3) The winner: dry ice.  Simply add water to dry ice and presto, fog. 
> Primary concern is safety, dry ice is dangerous.  Still, I think this is 
> the clear choice.  You could have a little hand-pump to meter out the 
> water into a chamber in e.g. a backpack, and tubes to guide the fog 
> where you want it. Bonus points if you can engineer the dry-ice chamber 
> into your laser costume somehow :-).  Anyone know where I could buy some 
> dry ice in the Mission?
> One final thing: you could just actually use smoke, i.e. burn something. 
>   It might be harder to control that though.  Perhaps the use of 
> something like Smoke Candles?
> http://www.qasupplies.com/2001000.html
> Eric
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