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Sat Jun 5 20:24:59 UTC 2010

The Next HOPE is coming to New York City!  July 16-18 at the Hotel Pensylvania.  I hope you will all consider going, as it's going to be the best HOPE yet!  HOPE = Hackers On Planet Earth.  HOPE conferences happen every two years (and if the Hotel continues its existence, HOPE will continue on our planet).  Expect about 3,300 of some of the coolest, creative, friendly hackers to be there.  Hackers of all sorts -- software, hardware, social, political, arts, crafts, music, film, food, . . .  Everyone is welcome!



Who from Noisebridge is going?


In the middle of conference will be a huge area dedicated to hackerspaces around the world:  The Hackerspace Village.  This will be a temporary, incredibly huge meta-hackerspace for the entire duration of the conference.  24/7.


I'm helping Nick Farr organize The Hackerspace Village at The Next HOPE.  I'm wrangling in as many hackerspaces into the fray as possible.  


Noisebridge should have a big presence.  What say?


Do you have anything cool to show (or can create something cool to show), please bring it to The Next HOPE, and be part of The Hackerspace Village.  Bring your enthusiasm for what you love, and share it with the enthusiastic crowd throughout The Next HOPE.  And learn from all the other amazing people you'll meet.


In the middle of The Hackerspace Village will be a huge Hardware Hacking Area that I'm setting up.  Anyone who wants to can make use of the Hardware Hacking Area in the Hackerspace Village.  If you have something to make, to fix, to create -- feel free to stop by, and use all our zillion soldering irons, tools, equipment and know-how.  If you want to give a workshop, feel free!  Please tell Nick and me, and we can add you to the schedule (or feel free to just come by and give an ad-hoc demo or workshop any time during The Next HOPE).


The huge Hardware Hacking Area will be open 24/7 throught The Next HOPE.  I'll have plenty of my kits available, and will be teaching anyone who wants to how to solder, and how to make things with microcontrollers and electronics.  Feel free to bring kits and projects of your own.


We will also have a conference badge hacking area -- yes, the badge will be way cool, and is way hackable!


The Hackerspace Village itself is totally hackable.  So, please join us and hack!


Please contact Nick and me if you want to join in on the Hackerspace Village.  Or if you have any questions or comments.

     hackerspace at hope.net


Come to Hackerspace Village at The Next HOPE and see what our future holds -- as we create it together!




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