[Cyborg] Anyone want to part with some lasers?

Dave Asprey david at asprey.net
Mon Jun 7 07:58:32 UTC 2010

Being a biohacker, I'm highly interested in picking up some of these 5mw lasers. Anyone want to part with a dozen or so?

My application would be a "build your own" version of this:

Think cool-looking laser that removes wrinkles...from your face. :)

Incidentally, I know the guys running that site if it's of use to anyone...


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Sadly I've already placed the order, you're too late!  Maybe you can talk some of the other people into selling you some of theirs?  They are supposed to be "simply hook it up to 3-5V" simple.

I think your idea of diffusing/decohering the lasers is a good one.  We need some kind of rig capable of testing the results of various things we might use though.

Doing some research on safety, I really want to obtain some goggles. 
Our lasers are 650nm.


But these are all $200 or so!  The ones we would need are in the middle of the page, search for e.g. "Dye 8803".

We do not need much "OD" protection.  OD is optical density, OD1 permits 10% of light through, OD2 1%, OD3 0.1%, etc.  Even if our lasers are 50mW, OD1 would still be enough for us, though OD2 would be safer. 
Anything OD4 & above is likely to make it impossible for you to see our lasers, which would make it hard to work with them.

I'm sure there must be cheaper options, anyone have any sources?


On 6/5/10 1:00 AM, Dave Asprey wrote:
> Eric,
> I'd suspect that the govt safety standards use 5mw as a rough guide but that repeated hits of a 5mw laser aren't a great idea for your long term eye health. You won't feel the immediate damage - the pinholes that lasers put in your corneas automatically get filled in by your brain's vision processing system, making them invisible to you. You need detailed vision tests to become aware of the pinholes.
> Perhaps you can make these diodes non-coherent (perhaps with something as simple as some saran wrap - not sure?) but coherent enough to still be directional. I have a 5mw ruby and FIR laser used for rapid healing of injuries; you can look at it because the laser is not coherent, but the light is still is very "laserish" looking.
> Now I want a suit with a dozen of these 5mw lasers, tied to a CCD 
> sensor and an aiming device, so that when I walk past a camera (or 
> drive past a traffic camera), my laser outfit will overload the ccd 
> sensor, making me invisible (or at least blurry). :)
> Thanks for this awesome list!
> If you determine that the lasers work with application of power (vs needing a more complex circuit to drive them), I'm up for $50 worth.
> -Dave

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