[Cyborg] pretty smart textiles

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 11 17:15:29 UTC 2010


It's an exhibit in the Netherlands with about a dozen examples of "smart 
textiles", i.e. putting circuitry into fabric.  It's open till June 
24th, anyone going to be in the Netherlands?

There is actually really excellent information about each piece online:


I really love the "intimacy" piece:


I'm dying to know how I could get some the controllable-transparency 
foil that they used, that stuff sounds like magic!

One day I was in a lab where they develop flexible screens. I saw 
something lying in a corner. I asked, "What’s that?" “Nothing really,” 
they answered. “All it does is turn from white to transparent.” It was 
material that was 1 millimeter thick. I was immediately enthusiastic 
about it. They let me take it with me. Then we continued to develop it 
with the manufacturer to make it more flexible and UV-proof. Now we can 
dim it, too – at first it could only be on or off, transparent or white.

If anyone can find the product name or a link to the manufacturer, 
that'd be super awesome!


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