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  I bought my fiber optic fabric from Roman Illumination, which sells the
brand Luminex. It was cheapest to buy compared to the following options
I found, which happen to all sell the Luminex brand. My one complaint
about RI was that their email-based customer service was nonexistent
last fall.

Options for fiber optic fabric:
LumiGram (France) - company specializing in illuminated wearables,
particularly those made from Luminex (R) fiber optics fabric
  Primary products: shirts/tops, house decor, drapes with fiber optics
fabric. Also makes LED paneled thong and belt buckles

Luminex (Italy) - company that sells fiber optic fabric and a small
selection of products made from the fabric
  Primary products: fiber optic fabric (to designers), belts, pillows,
cropped top

Roman Illumination (Miami Beach, FL, USA) – company that sells fiber optic
fabric like Luminex, but based in USA
  Primary products: fabric samples or special orders

Email me if you're interested in a list of some artists and companies that
turn fiber optic fabric into products.


> http://store.luminex.it/
> They sell fiber-optic laced fabric objects with built-in light sources.
>   Quite pricey though: buy the time you get the object plus the required
> battery and charger, you're looking at like 100 Euros or more.
> I'd love to see one though, I wonder if they are similar looking to the
> piece of fabric that Chung-Hay brought in?
> Eric
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