[Cyborg] Contract opportunity in wearable computing

Reto Stamm reto at retostamm.com
Tue Nov 9 06:58:04 UTC 2010


If you are interested in a contracting gig with a promising wearable
computing startup, read on.

I've been doing contract work for a small wearable computing startup,
but I got too busy with a new job, so the work is up for grabs. The
startup is funded.

So far we designed sensors, boards, communication systems,
client-server software and circuits for a wearable suit, we have an
initial prototype and plan on building a few more, with successive
improvements. I will be available to help you get you started if
needed. Can't say exactly what it is, but I can say what kind of

There are a few distinct areas, if you can do all of them it is a
plus, if you are an expert in any one field that is also good.
Sensor development - various kinds of touch sensors, currently with
conductive textiles and other methods. Also optical and RFID sensors.
Possibly full kitchen sink. We have a working set at this point, but
there is much room for improvement.
Tactile feedback - using networks of vibrators, electrical
stimulation, heat and cold. We've done some experiments, with some
really cool results, using TENS/EMS equipment.
Client software - right now, this runs on an off the shelf Arduino
with wire wrapped daughterboards. Plans are to make a custom PCB as
well as some distributed bits (think custom lily-pads) for a more
integrated experience. We use a BlackWidow to communicate to the
Server side development - a database system that collects user
information for future reference. Simple prototype exists, but it is
reasonable to totally start from scratch.
The team is fun to work with, and the project is even more fun than I
am allowed to disclose at this point.
Contact ednipper at gmail for details.


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