[Cyborg] heart-rate monitoring

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 11 13:51:10 UTC 2010


He shares some fascinating data at the 7:05 and the 8:11 mark. I wasn't 
thinking that I would wear my heart-rate logger at night, but given his 
data, now I totally will!

Sadly he doesn't make his data available to others in any way that I can 
find except 30-minute-frequency tweets (useless!!!).  He focuses in the 
talk on the large-scale trends, but actually I'm super interested in the 
little events, e.g. like the spikes you see in his sleep.  Are those 
related to movement?  Does the number of spikes (inversely) relate to 
the quality of his sleep?  You can ask similar questions about the 
little details during the day - how much of your day could you 
reconstruct post-mortem by looking at a detailed plot?  (e.g. oh yeah, 
that 11:07 spike is probably me walking to the bathroom... whereas the 
12:37 one is talking to the cute waitress...)


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