[Cyborg] Cyborg dinner

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Mon Oct 4 04:53:52 UTC 2010

I'm sorry I missed this meeting, I really meant to come but had been
travelling all the previous night and so slept all day.  Wah!

Anyway, I do have an external programmer, the USBTiny from LadyAda, and
from making North Paw kits I am familiar with the process of programming
chips without bootloaders.  I don't know what the referenced problem is,
Chung-Hay, but I'd be willing to bring my programmer sometime and we
could take a look.


Todd Anderson wrote:
> Hey everybody --
>     -- I really enjoyed seeing / meeting you all tonight, and I thought
> we had a fun & interesting conversation going.  I was thinking maybe we
> could have a cyborg dinner some Sunday, either at Noisebridge if that is
> an option (cook up a bunch of pasta or order in), or even at my house if
> the group is about the size it was today.  Anyway, any interest in such
> an event?
>                      cheers --
>                              -- Todd
> PS: I actually read that page about arduino boot-loading
> (http://www.arduino.cc/en/Hacking/Bootloader), and you DO need an
> external programmer, which you can operate from the normal Arduino IDE.
>  I bet this would fix your problem, Chung-Hay, if you can find a
> programmer.  Maybe Tom's would work?
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