[Cyborg] Cyborg/fyborg tails!

ch_luk at berkeley.edu ch_luk at berkeley.edu
Mon Oct 25 06:30:38 UTC 2010

Hi Sarah,

  Your work is really neat! Would you be willing to show us some of it at
a future cyborg meeting, perhaps next month? We hold monthly-ish
meetings Sunday afternoons starting at 4 pm in the Noisebridge space
(2169 Mission St). Might Nov. 7 or 21 work for you?

  To the local Bay Area cyborgs, who's free Nov. 7 or Nov. 21? (I'm at a
conference Nov. 14.)  It'd be great to have everyone show-and-tell their
current work. Automated zebrafish heartbeat sensing, Todd? Eric and I
should have a complete pulse choker prototype for you to try on by then.

  To the remote cyborgs, book your plane tickets and visit! ;) Also, what
makes the EMG sensor you speak of specific for furry-tech, Mikolaj?

  Sarah, does wanting to add electronic eyelashes or wings count in the
adding-limbs-that-humans-don't-normally-have genre?


> I have some EMG stuff queued up to work on too. I met a gentleman at PS:1
> a
> few months ago and we got each other enthusiastic enough that he has
> prototyped up some EMG sensors specifically for furry-tech applications (I
> was going to start with articulated pointy ears, but tails were definitely
> on the wistfully desired list :). I'll be funding an initial run of
> sensors
> (probably no more than a dozen or so) when I get back to NYC; would be
> happy
> to send some to Noisebridge for experimentation if they'd be of interest.
> m.
> On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 9:11 AM, Sarah Nordstrom
> <sarahemm at sarahemm.net>wrote:
>> I was talking to Rachel (apologies if I've misspelled your name) at
>> Noisebridge a couple days back, and we got talking about tails.  I
>> started
>> working on a tail with gyros and accelerometers in it a couple years
>> back,
>> to assist with balance (my inner ears don't work properly), and have
>> been
>> inspired to start working on that again! :) I said I'd post the links I
>> was talking about, so here they are:
>> The howto pages I talked about are at
>> http://www.wolftronix.com/howto.htm
>> and the bionic tail (using EMG data to control a tail) project is at
>> http://www.wolftronix.com/biotail/biotail.htm.
>> Anyone else interested in tails or other types of
>> adding-limbs-that-humans-don't-normally-have? (or even limbs humans *do*
>> normally have?)
>>  - Sarah
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