[Cyborg] QS talk on Sensors

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 15 17:10:23 UTC 2011

Hey cyborgs!

I'm giving a talk at the upcoming Quantified Self conference about 
"sensors", specially the future thereof as it relates to quantified 
self.  Basically Gary wants a twenty minute "survey" of what's out there 
and what might be coming, with the idea of inspiring people to do more 
sensor-based self experimentation.

So I'm here, crowd sourcing for info - have you seen any cool sensors 
recently?  Heard of any novel applications of basic sensors like 
accelerometers, microphones, GPS, etc?  Know of any interesting products 
that are soon to launch?  Been doing/planning something unusual with a 
sensor yourself?

Send me anything you think might be interesting on this front - at this 
point I'm just assembling huge lists of stuff, later I'll be trying to 
decide what should actually get some air time :-).  Reply on list if you 
want, I think lots of people here will be interested in this kind of 
stuff, and the more we talk the more likely we are to find the really 
cool stuff!

Some interesting links to give you a feel for what I'm after:


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