[Cyborg] Interesting idea

fenn lipkowitz fennfoot at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 00:19:54 UTC 2011

On Thu, 4 Aug 2011, Eric Boyd wrote:
> Your idea reminds me of the 'aremac' stuff that Steve Mann did back in

yes, it was called "eyetap"

> you can arbitrarily change the (live) image entering your eyes - not
> just contrast, you can edit out ads, superimpose text, capture stills or
> video of exactly what you see, do all the classic 'augmented reality'

technically this is called "mediated reality"

> screen.  I agree with fenn that you're going to find any affordable
> display quite crappy

it's not just mobile screens, any display technology we currently have has 
an extremely limited dynamic range compared to real reality. i mean the 
sun puts out a kilowatt per square meter of earth surface and that light 
has to go somewhere.

> Still, fun project.  I'd totally hack up a myvu or similar.  There was a
> set at noisebridge for the longest time, in the cyborg/sensebridge
> area.  No idea if it's still there.

i've been putting off my wearable project for far too long. i think i 
actually have all the pieces now, just need to put them together. the myvu 
displays are not magic, unfortunately. the angle of view is very small and 
it's sort of like looking through a tube at a TV screen. i have a lot of 
ideas for virtual retinal displays that need time and money thrown at 

> You could also prototype using a smart phone trivially.  Write an app
> that uses the camera and the screen and does the contrast/brightness
> enhancement.  Hold phone close to bad eye :-)

good idea. you'd need a diverging lens in there too.

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