[Cyborg] from quantified to optimized...to upgraded.

Dave Asprey david at asprey.net
Mon Feb 21 07:11:02 UTC 2011

Hi Eric,

I've been a reader of the cyborg list for sometime. I'm the ex-CTO of a biomonitoring company doing 24/7 HRM, and now I run www.bulletproofexecutive.com where I blog about how businesspeople can use biohacking to succeed, using my 15 years of experience upgrading myself to perform better in business (cloud computing evangelist by day, I am). Most of what I do is along Ferris' lines, but often more brain-focused. For instance, I lost 100lbs and kept it off for 10+ years, without needing exercise to do it. But I also upgraded my IQ by 12 points. I've had an EEG at home since 1998.

Wiley is publishing my first book this year, about how to upgrade your baby's IQ by hacking pregnancy, but with a softer title. www.betterbabybook.com. It includes a chapter on using electronics to reduce maternal stress.

Next up, later this year, is The Bulletproof Executive book. In about a month, www.upgradedself.com launches with products vetted by me over the years, focused on performance enhancement.

Eric, when will you start producing NorthPaws? Want to put them in the catalog, but I'm too busy to manufacture them myself with a soldering iron. :)


"The goal of life is not to possess power, but to radiate it." - Henry Miller

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