[Cyborg] cyborg runners?

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 19 20:31:23 UTC 2011


There are tons of things you could do.  You should check out the 
quantified self tool registry:


In particular the "fitness" category on the right hand side.  There are 
all kind of things specialized for running.  If you want Heart Rate the 
obvious choice is Polar HRM stuff (there are a lot of options).  But 
even something simple and (nearly) free like a pedometer app for your 
smart phone would be pretty cool.


On 7/19/11 4:05 PM, miloh wrote:
> Are there any cyborg runners on the list?  I'm going to run the SF 
> marathon on the 31st and I want to run it cyborg style.
> State of preparation: I don't even know if *watches* are allowed, much 
> less real time bodystate indicator logging.  I'm that disorganized, 
> because I've never run a legit marathon race before (it's a Boston 
> marathon qualifying race, yo!).
> I offer my body for quantification and research purposes, or just 
> discussion and jokes.
> Throw out some ideas on what I can tie on my shoe or strap to my 
> shoulder that will make it work.
> -rma
> ps.
> There's a startup next door to Noisebridge that makes a physical 
> logger, I've had occasion to talk with the product engineer there 
> (Bash) about his company's product.  It would be so cool to get ahold 
> of a test product of something like that!
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