[Cyborg] augmented nose

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 3 16:31:56 UTC 2011


I was searching around for pictures of augmented senses (cause, you 
know...), and check out this image I found!  It's so awesome I'm almost 

"Smith's trusty Nasal Ranger looks a bit like a handheld ray gun, with a 
twist (see photo). On the front is a black dial pierced by six holes 
ranging in size from the width of a pencil lead to a mere pinprick. At 
the rear is a mask that you place over your nose. The two are connected 
by a barrel of Teflon, which resists residual odours. Two carbon-based 
filters are mounted on either side."

Ironically the device doesn't enhance your sense of smell, it actually 
allows you to *dilute* odors, so that you can tell how strong an odor 
is, you dilute smells until you can't detect them: "Those states in the 
US that regulate odour allow a dilution level of 7. Any smell measuring 
higher is considered a "nuisance" and can lead to hefty fines."


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