[Cyborg] workshop: extension of man, hacking the body - prosthetics

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 23 18:30:24 UTC 2011

ThingTank here in Toronto is putting on a pretty interesting looking 
workshop, which I just signed up for:


What is a prosthetic?  We have seen artificial limbs for amputees and 
the Cheetah (R) foot for track and field athletes. You can have your 
fingertips replaced if you accidentally slice them off while making 
dinner. Cancer survivors can have their breasts reconstructed if they've 
lost them in treatment.

But what if you wanted a super-human digit? Or what if you want to shave 
off minutes from your current marathon time?  Where is that fine line 
between restoring and enhancing?
In this 4-hour workshop we will look at how artists and scientists are 
currently hacking the body and we'll discuss the socio-technical, 
cultural and ethical issues we will be facing as these these hacks 
become widely possible, prevalent and undetectable.

We'll use some simple prototyping materials, microcontrollers  and 
electronics to build physical prototypes of our own prosthetic designs,  
working with fellow innovators to explore the complex issues and 
exciting possibilities.

If you already have an Arduino and breadboard bring it! ThingTank will 
provide sensors, actuators and prototyping materials to work with. 
ThingTank can also provide Arduinos for the workshop session but if you 
would like to purchase an Arduino to show off your masterpiece to family 
and friends please order it with your registration.

Should be super interesting, I may blog about it!


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