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A wee bit off topic, but this sort of reminds me of Killua from the brilliant animé/manga series Hunter X Hunter. He learns to transform his Aura into electricity, and specialises in stimulating his muscles that way as opposed to through the neural pathways in his body. This makes him a lot faster, since the transmission of info from the brain via aura to the muscles is near-instant while nerve transmissions are quite slow.

Replace the "aura" with these devices and your reaction time would drop quite considerably. Complete and utter sci-fi though, don't think this tech will be better than our original wetware in the overseeable future.


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Short-range networking of medical implants is a perfect application for ultrawideband radios; I wonder how that got lost in this effort.

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It says currently they actually *do* implant long wires under the skin,

in operations that take several days.  That's NUTS.  But wireless might

be almost as nuts, given how crowded spectrum is, and how critical these

transmissions might eventually become for everyday activities of those

implanted... Imagine being the FCC people who have to make this decision!



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