[Cyborg] anyone into diy tDCS?

LinkReincarnate linkreincarnate at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 18:49:12 UTC 2012

I've built a few tdcs devices from this
 I am going to be testing them very soon and if anyone is interested in
checking them out I can do it at Noisebridge.  I also have about 4 extras
if anyone wants to buy a ready made tdcs device.  I also have lots of
 spare pcb's if anyone wants just that.  I'll let the pcb go for 5 bucks
each.  I'll sell you a full working tdcs (minus the electrodes) for 100 and
with the electrodes  for 150. (4x4 inch resueable sponge electrodes with
leads already attached)   Do not underestimate the importance of the
electrodes in a tdcs device. The size and shape of the electrode is what
determines current density which is  how you dose with tdcs   I have one
set of extra sponge electrodes so fist come first served.   I also have a
couple of unfinished boards. I  ran out of surface mount led's but the
boards will work without them. They only need a surface mount led and power
connections to be complete.  I have various other parts that can be used to
create more but I am out of the surface mount components.  (You may be able
to find them in noisebridge's hack/part shelves though)

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