[Cyborg] EEG headset for research?

Andreas Stadler rain at meta-mind.de
Tue Aug 28 02:12:05 UTC 2012

On 08/28/2012 01:14 AM, David Molnar wrote:
I noticed that Emotiv has a research SDK.
> Is this the best headset available, or what others should I look at?

the security concerns mentioned are valid,
that's why providing open-source infrastructure alternatives
firewall-software, and user-awareness in this area are very important.

- - -

the emotiv is ok with emokit (and custom firmware).

there is great progress with new OpenEEG designs also !

a subproject Open-BCI
is releasing kits and pre-assembled boards
of open-source EEG amplifiers and software framework.

latest prototypes are 24 bit resolution and 250.000 sample rate,
made possible with AVR and TI low-power chips.

- - -

with open-source BCIs and open-hardware self-calibrating neuroheadsets,
it's now about an open-source software server framework,
and researching and applying new data-mining AI algorithms
to analyze the growing number of brainwave and biosignal channels,
with cross-pattern, wavelet, clustering, and correlation analysis.

eventually a secure optionally anonymous social network for biosignals,
can form the technologigal basis for the human-brainwave/biosignal-singularity.

looking forward to research
on how to use this infrastructure,
and the innovative applications it enables,
for evolution and well-being of mankind.

what research intent and areas do you have in mind ?

happy brainwave hacking ! :-)

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