[Cyborg] regrowing your own teeth, in your mouth

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 8 14:13:12 UTC 2012

Hmmm, this is interesting.  I think the tooth we see in the video is 
actually 3D printed, it's the scaffold that they implant.  That's why 
it's got all those channels.  In fact the scaffolds cannot be later 
removed - the bone and other tissue grows into them and they become a 
permanent part of the new "tooth".  They spend a lot of time focusing on 
the blood vessels and other tissues that join the scaffold to the jaw, 
which makes sense, that's super important.  They don't talk however 
about how much actual tooth/bone grows into the scaffold, though they 
did say that what mineralization occurs is "well mineralized".  So it's 
difficult to tell how actually usable that "tooth" would be.  Maybe it 
takes longer than 9 weeks to get all the mineral you need?  I wish they 
had said something like "in 9 weeks we got 26% of the bone of a regular 
tooth" or something like that... as it stands, it's hard to know how 
hard the tooth would be.  I wonder how hard the plastic scaffold is?


On 2/8/12 12:15 AM, Chung-Hay Luk wrote:
> I couldn't determine how old the video was, but the post may be 
> reporting on ongoing research. The latest /J Dent Res/ papers from 
> Mao's group are these two (inclusive search of the Feb. 2012 issue and 
> early online releases):
> Anatomically Shaped Tooth and Periodontal Regeneration by Cell Homing
> - scaffold for the tooth
> http://chunghay.com/cyborg/KimMao10-AnatShpTooth.pdf
> Induced Migration of Dental Pulp Stem Cells for in vivo Pulp Regeneration
> - human stem cell for regeneration
> http://chunghay.com/cyborg/SuzukiMao11-DentalPulpRegen.pdf
> Enjoy nerding out to papers!
>   Chung-Hay
> On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 6:57 PM, Eric Boyd <mrericboyd at yahoo.com 
> <mailto:mrericboyd at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>     http://www.singularityweblog.com/implants-or-dentures-how-about-regrowing-your-own-teeth/
>     The video mentions Dr. Jeremy Mao, and a Journal of Dental Research
>     article.  Can anyone find it?  They say the next step is human
>     trials (I
>     assume Phase I safety stuff), which is super exciting!
>     Eric
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