[Cyborg] heart rate from your wrist

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 27 20:15:04 UTC 2012


Anyone know anything about these guys?  They basically claim that with 
the addition of an accelerometer, they are able to get "EKG quality" 
heart-rate data using optical techniques on your wrist.  The 
accelerometer basically allows them to compensate for the effects of 
motion.  I'm a little skeptical, there many many teams working on this 
kind of thing, some for YEARS, and I haven't seen any successes yet... 
what makes their tech better?  It worries me that their "testing QA" is 
still in the future, I wonder how much testing they have actually done 
so far?  This tech is easy in theory, but super super difficult in 

(see for instance https://mybasis.com/ - still letting you "Reserve Now" 
almost two years after the initially promised launch date... now 
refusing to even offer estimated launch dates... they do deserve some 
credit for NOT launching a half-baked crappy product, of course :-)


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