[Cyborg] leap motion

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Tue May 22 00:02:46 UTC 2012

I played with it, and knew it by the first name 'Occuspec'.

It's real, simple, and looks like magic.  The definition should be
enough to grab enough hand metrics for user identification in addition
to the gesture or wand movement recognition (using chopsticks with
this it was popular).

I don't think it's penetrating hands, my friend Sebastien immediately
had the quick idea to put a card in the field and it had a bit of
trouble then constructed an extension over it that showed it didn't
know anything about depth.    It has to be reconstructing based on the
given info which is only available from below. It probably assumes all
objects are rough cylinders in its field of view.  This should
diminish your excitement, this is an amazing elegant interface that
will have incredible applications.

I think transillumination or dental transillumination (the stuff that
mike has talked about at length) with near infrared is possible,
perhaps with this device, but you would need a pickup sensor on the
back of your hand, then you could get diagnostic views of bone
structure or dentifice without xrays!

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