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The missing part of the story is the included app, which is mentioned at Indiegogo but not in great detail because it’s currently under development and it’s hard to know exactly where software will end up.

The main goal of the app is to help people build their attention ability, to gain the benefits already evidenced by mindfulness meditation. When the product goes on retail sale, this app will be complete and will be the main sales focus, much like Zeo doesn’t mention brainwaves anywhere on their home page: their product is a “sleep manager”. Since that is not possible yet, the crowdfunding campaign focuses on the headband itself, and on the appearance of a new platform for developers who might like to experiment and to create third-party apps.

InteraXon’s intention is to take brainwave apps much more mainstream than in the past, which requires easy-to-use decent-looking hardware (no liquids/gels, no ear clips, no stalks) and a reason to use it that’s worth paying for (an app that many people will want). This will be a real consumer product, like the Zeo is, and the expectation is that way more people will buy it than any brainwave-based product to date.

I’d encourage anyone who has questions to post them as comments on the Indiegogo site, so that they’ll get answers.


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I had some weird questions on this too. Coming from a guy who wants to try to use EEG to make big giant flame effects go boom, I'm confused as to why this is different from the Neurosky headsets, or any of the hacks available on the market. Is it merely looks? Or is there something more to the story that I am missing? Note that all I want to do is (essentially) turn an LED on or off based on an attentive vs. meditative state. 

...and by LED I mean flame cannon...but the idea is pretty much the same!


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  I like the campaign, and the look of the device; I am left with a lot of questions about noise and other specifications.  What version of Bluetooth, for example?  I assume they are using an active ground (6 electrodes = 2 channels), though they say "4 sensors" at one point in the video. 

  Controlling huge lights very far away is always cool!

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    $135 (for now) for an actually decent looking EEG headset!


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    I’m part of this cool project for which a crowdfunding campaign
    launched a few minutes ago:
    http://www.indiegogo.com/interaxonmuse . Thanks to Brad Templeton for
    having unwittingly introduced me to Interaxon’s CEO Ariel Garten (I
    was already a fan of Interaxon’s but had not met anyone there).

    If you want one, by pledging quickly you can get the best price (I
    just did for myself).

    Feel free to pass this on to anyone else who might be interested.


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