[Cyborg] Guest lecture at SFSU?

Carlos Castellanos carlos at ccastellanos.com
Thu Sep 6 06:56:21 UTC 2012

Hello Cyborgers,

My name is Carlos Castellanos. I am a visiting artist/lecture this semester at San Francisco State University's Conceptual/Information Arts program. I am teaching a course centered around Systems Art & Cybernetics. I was wondering if someone from your group would mind giving a brief guest lecture on the work you do. Perhaps give a demo of the North Paw?

You can come here to the SFSU campus or I can try and arrange a field trip to Noisebridge. I am looking for mid-October as a time frame, but I can be flexible.

More info on the course here: http://ccastellanos.com/teaching/sfsu/art511-2_fall2012/

Hope to hear from you soon.

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