[Cyborg] BodyHacking Convention

I)ruid druid at caughq.org
Mon Dec 9 22:15:45 UTC 2013

Hello everyone!

I thought you all would probably be interested in this new convention
that I'm attempting to start which will be focused on "body hacking".
While most conferences and conventions related to this subject matter
seem to be more focused on transhumanism, genetics, etc., this one is
focused on what YOU can do to YOUR OWN BODY, RIGHT NOW.  This covers
both modification and augmentation (wearables), and in regards to
modification, both functional and aesthetic.

Whether or not we hold the convention rests entirely upon the success of
the fund raising campaign, which you can find here:


Note that the perks are designed around all types of involvement with
the conference, from attendees to sponsors to vendors, so hopefully
you'll find something there that fits your level of interest!


I)ruid, CĀ²ISSP
druid at caughq.org
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