[Cyborg] [Cyborg) Insects sensing electric fields of flowers

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Patent not attached, it bounced from list


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Dear Jean,

The use of vibratory and frequency responses of resonance external and human
body response and other phenomena is my interest. 

You may find this interesting.   The first is a patent by a Thinker outside
the box that understood a lot about the sense of smell and that it is not
only a chemical lock and load model.


And below that is some interesting articles about the sense of smell. 


Good luck!


Patent number: 5424551 (Patent attached) 



And Articles on QUANTUM SMELL 

But Dr Turin believes that the way smell molecules wiggle and vibrate is
responsible - thanks to the quantum effect called tunnelling.

The idea holds that electrons in the receptors in our noses disappear on one
side of a smell molecule and reappear on the other, leaving a little bit of
energy behind in the process.







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Just saw this, do people here know much more about electroreception for








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