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I wonder how big that is. It sounds really interesting, but the size could be a barrier - and I wouldn't be too keen on having the rechargeable lithium battery beneath my skin.
Could the unit be make much smaller if a small inductor along with temp sensing chip was put under the skin, and then an optional external unit could broadcast via bluetooth? 
Still, bluetooth transmission would be cool if not too big. Here's an interesting article about bluetooth low energy for an implantable glucose monitoring system: http://www.academia.edu/1029222/A_Bluetooth_low_energy_implantable_glucose_monitoring_system

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Steve Haworth and Grindhouse Wetware are working on an implantable temperature monitor that seems rather awesome.  The idea is that it will be a completely sealed system, with inductive charging for power and a bluetooth connection to a smartphone for communication.  The idea also includes an LED strip to display battery level, or whatever else your phone tells it to.

Steve Haworth has the experience in medical-grade fabrication and implantation procedures to actually make this work, so I'm seeing a lot of potential.

There is more information on an earlier incarnation of this project here:


Apparently the concept originally also featured a reflective pulse sensor.

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