[Cyborg] Bluetooth LED/sensor implant

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 16 14:13:11 UTC 2013

Wow, interesting idea!  That thing is massive though, judging by the 
finger for scale in the video, it's gotta be like 3"x1.5", though it 
looks fairly thin.  I found some more photos on their facebook:

( just look for a post from Oct 1st)

It actually says in a post below that one that Tim Cannon will be 
implanting it in his arm - sure seems big for the arm, where would you 
put it?!?

Looking forward to seeing videos of it actually working under the skin :-)


On 10/16/13 6:56 AM, Robert Picone wrote:
> Steve Haworth and Grindhouse Wetware are working on an implantable 
> temperature monitor that seems rather awesome.  The idea is that it 
> will be a completely sealed system, with inductive charging for power 
> and a bluetooth connection to a smartphone for communication.  The 
> idea also includes an LED strip to display battery level, or whatever 
> else your phone tells it to.
> Steve Haworth has the experience in medical-grade fabrication and 
> implantation procedures to actually make this work, so I'm seeing a 
> lot of potential.
> http://instagram.com/p/fV8xnIPzmY/
> There is more information on an earlier incarnation of this project here:
> https://code.google.com/p/heledd/
> Apparently the concept originally also featured a reflective pulse sensor.
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