[Darkroom] Pictrography

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Thu Dec 3 18:20:39 UTC 2009

Chris Murphy wrote, On 20091203 013858:
> Worked on tge G4. Installed 200GB drive plus OS X 10.4.11. Installed
> latest fuji software. Installed a kernel extension to utilize ata drives
> greater than 128GB. Mirrored drive door G4's and later had >128GB ata
> support. The quicksilver didn't make the cut.


> Neither my adaptec nor the PC scsi card are recognized in the G4. I
> think the adaptec was broken because the mac wouldn't boot. The PC scsi
> card is in there but the system doesn't see it. Not surprised.

Double suck.

> The G4 needs a mouse. The logitech wireless mouse near the G4 is not
> pairing with it's base.

Every time I come in someone's gone through and replaced the perfectly 
fine Microsoft Mouse with the retarded Logitech cordless shit. I think 
the next time I'm in the space I'm just going to ziptie the Microsoft 
mouse to the case.

> An apple keyboard would have some advantages.

There's tiny alu Apple keyboard attached to the library iMac, though 
someone might be borrowing (as in using it for another project and not 
sticking it back once they're done) at the moment.

Rubin Abdi
rubin at starset.net

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