[Darkroom] darkroom electrical status

jim jim at well.com
Sat Nov 21 17:23:50 UTC 2009

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On Sat, 2009-11-21 at 01:17 -0800, Rubin Abdi wrote:
> Hi Jim, replies inline. I've CCed the darkroom list since there are 
> folks on there who would like to help on this too.
> jim wrote, On 20091120 204746:
> >     pipe is up, next step is to finish screwing
> > it to the walls. i left toggle bolts and screws
> > in the boxes and put blue tape on everything
> > that should get a bolt or screw--one bolt/screw
> > for each thing (box or strap). here and there
> > you'll have to loosen up the screws/bolts that
> > i've put in so's to have room behind it to put
> > in a toggle bolt.
> >     let me know if you need instructions (you
> > can probably figure things out by looking at
> > what i've done).
> >     let me know when screws are screwed and i'll
> > make sure you've got enough of the right colors
> > of wire to push the wires in the pipes. final
> > step will be to wire up and install devices.
> I just got done anchoring everything that needed anchoring to the walls. 
> Hope I didn't wake our neighbors while doing it.
> Let us know what color system you want for the wires and we'll start 
> pushing that all through.
JS: i'll stop by today (saturday) and tape info about 
wires on the walls.
> >     while you're at it, i'll be working in the
> > big space to bring power to you.
> Cool, do you by chance have an ETA for that? 
JS: well, no, but maybe in a week or so. 

> Additionally could you run a pipe from inside the darkroom to the 
> outside world first so we can start painting sooner then later? Doesn't 
> have to go any farther then an inch out.  
JS: for what purpose? as far as i'm concerned, everything's 
ready: as to power in, it'll come in through the octal box 
above and outside of the door. as to power beyond, that goes 
out the little handy box at the bottom of the wall kitty-corner 
from the door corner. 

> Also do you have any idea why there's a 1.5" wide whole above our 
> doorway on the inside of the room?
JS: yes. i made it then tho't better of it. fix by smearing on 
some drywall mud then putting a strip or two of drywall tape, 
smooth out mud, let dry, put on one more coat of mud and feather 
out to please, let dry, maybe light sanding with 150 grit, then 

> Thanks a bunch for your help, let us know if you want help with anything 
> else. We're all happy to see progress on this.

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