[Darkroom] Making the darkroom dark -- suggestions?

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Tue Oct 6 09:39:02 UTC 2009

Joachim Pedersen wrote, On 2009/10/06 01:01:
> I know that there was talk about fire code... Is that going to be a problem?

Last I spoke with Shannon, the walls don't go that high up because we 
don't have anyone with a permit and a license doing our construction. 
Going up that high will require rerouting the sprinkler heads, which 
will require someone professional to come out and do it.

The general idea is the build team is out of funds, at some point a 
bunch of people might start bitching about the shop being too loud. 
Another round of build out funds will be given to the team and we'll 
work at getting a contractor out here to build the walls higher and 
figure out the sprinklers. While this is happening we could also piggy 
back the dark room.

If we were the build the walls our ourselves, either with a roof or 
going up to the ceiling, we wouldn't get any coverage from the sprinkler 
heads, which is a big no no.

I think cloth all the way up to the ceiling will work well. We can still 
have ventilation without a problem though that is something we need to 
start figuring out and looking into now along with plumbing (i.e. poke 
Ben who's working on HVAC and Scott who's building out the bathroom).

Rubin Abdi
rubin at starset.net

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