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> Audrey Penven wrote, On 2009/10/11 16:48:
> > Safe lights - we have one safe light for the space, but we'll need
> > more. It would be worth seeing if anyone has some to donate.
> > Otherwise, we'll probably have to get them from a photo supply place.
> > I'll poke at craigslist as well to see what I can find.
> Jim needs to know if these lights will be attached to conduit boxes and 
> if so how so he can install the right boxes for us. Any chance you could 
> find some photos of what you were thinking?


Back when I had my own darkroom, I just used regular old 25W red lightbulbs.  I never had any trouble with these.  They fit into regular light bulb fixtures.  Are regular red lightbulbs iffy to use?





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