[Darkroom] Pictrography 3500

dpc weasel at meer.net
Mon Oct 12 23:53:36 UTC 2009

Rubin Abdi <rubin at starset.net> writes:

> dpc wrote, On 2009/10/12 16:02:
>> does this mean that one can 'home brew' the supply bits? (i guess it is
>> like re-filling inkjet thingees).
> I think the process is more along the lines of how a laserjet printer
> works but I'm not 100% sure nor have had the time to look into it.

my understanding of the bit of tech i used (which is probably leading me
astray) is that there's a bit like current lser printing, but i think
how the 'toner' works is slightly different. 

the brochure mumbled something about a 'donor magazine, but i wasn't
quite what i was remembering or not.


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