[Darkroom] Pictrography 3500

Chris Murphy chrisnoisebridge at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 03:31:46 UTC 2009

I own a PG4000 and have a fair amount of experience with this line of  

It's not possible to use a SCSI-USB convertor with them AFAIK (please  
prove me wrong!). In fact, not just any SCSI will do. You need the  
built-in SCSI on an old mac or mac clone or a SCSI 2 card made by  
adaptec. 2960 (?) or similar model numbers installed on a newer mac  
(G4, etc). Old macs can be made to run OS X for this purpose using  
Xpostfacto software.

The PS plug-in is compatible with the CS series on OS X (haven't tried  
it on CS 3 or 4 yet).

Ideally, someone would find/donate the Fuji Network Bridge so that the  
printer could be networked via Ethernet. Those are pricey ($500?) and  
rare, maybe a smart person could make one from scratch?

Quality and speed is excellent. Consumables benefit from  
refridgeration but not absolutely required.

Old hoses can be cleaned by ramming dishsoapy chopsticks through them.  
This is actually cheaper and easier than finding replacement hoses  
that fit.

Distilled water is $.99 at the grocery store.

Another plus would be an eye-one monitor calibrator. Anyone have one  
we could borrow?

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