[Darkroom] Pictrography 3500

Chris Murphy chrisnoisebridge at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 21:26:22 UTC 2009

>>> The printer is susceptible to dust specs on prints. Vacuum all  
>>> dust off
>>> of the machine and surrounding area.
>> Any reason not to use an air compressor? :D
> Definitely should not use the air compressor until someone (such as  
> me)
> finishes installing the moisture/dust filter I bought.  It needs one
> more close 1/4" NPT brass nipple (I bought one but installation  
> requires
> two).

It's just not a good idea to blow dust into the machine. It would be  
bad to blow dust in the air too, because the machine will suck it in.

The printer has some dust filters that can be removed and washed. They  
are behind small hatches on the side.


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