[Darkroom] meeting?

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 00:03:11 UTC 2009

I'm composing a vague agenda for our meeting tomorrow.  Possibly we
will just discuss the blackout curtains and ventilation and that'll be
all, but I find it mentally useful to make lists of

Vague, not-remotely-official agenda items (list-toppers are most important):

-Making the darkroom dark -- current plan is to use blackout curtains,
and build in a fan which will vent out into greater 2169 for now, and
then we hope someone can help us pipe it somewhere.

-Equipment acquisition and organization
   -- there's been talk of this digital printer, which I suspect will
be settled in the standard do-ocratic (or not-do-ocratic) manner, but
which may merit some meatspace discussion.
   -- Several poorer photographers have been lusting after a film
scanner.  We've found some options in the $400-600 range.  We'll also
likely cast about for donations.  I think that a flatbed scanner in
good shape that works with something other than Windows would be
  -- Color printing!  We have a color enlarger, but can't actually
print color without print development equipment.  In theory we can do
this is baths like BW printing, but I think it's pretty finicky.  I'll
post this in a separate thread on the list.
  -- Table and filing cabinet dimensions should get documented somewhere.
  -- I would like to digitize the dorkroom floorplan and get that on
the wiki, for posterity.

-Other projects? -- there's been talk of Xrays and pinhole cameras and
polaroids and making our own film.  Sometime soon I'd like to see some
photography-themed workshops.  Incidentally, is there a name for our
group?  I have been using Darkroom crew, Dorkroom crew, and Darkbridge
interchangeably (in the latter case, "greater 2169" is referred to as

I'm kinda feeling like we've got too much to discuss, so in the
interest of Doing, I'm going to delay posting to NB-discuss for now,
but the one definite agenda item I'd like to encourage (other than The
Darkening) is making a list of donate-able items that we would be able
to use.  That is something I might consider posting to discuss
sometime down the line.  Also, I am putting our meeting on the
noisebridge calendar and wiki, and if folks give some feedback on the
agenda items above, I'll update our wiki page a bit.


On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 4:20 PM, Kelly <hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com> wrote:
> Awesome!
> I'm going to post this to discuss, in case anyone not already on the
> list would like to be involved.  Since it's our first meeting...
> -Kelly
> On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 2:03 PM, dpc <weasel at meer.net> wrote:
>> Rubin Abdi <rubin at starset.net> writes:
>>> Audrey Penven wrote, On 20091017 174400:
>>>> It would be useful to have a meeting soon to push things forward with
>>>> the darkroom.  Maybe tomorrow after the clothing swap?  Maybe sometime
>>>> during the week?  I suggest Monday at 7, if not tomorrow.
>>> Monday (today) at 7 sounds great. Is anyone else up for this?
>> i could swing this, but am mostly free early evenings during the week.
>> \p
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