[Darkroom] Ceiling, vent, plumbing.

dpc weasel at meer.net
Sat Oct 24 14:29:11 UTC 2009

dpc <weasel at meer.net> writes:

> Rubin Abdi <rubin at starset.net> writes:
>> The current plan is to run the walls up to the current ceiling so we 
>> have some coverage by the fire sprinkler head.
> i just got reminded of this. by my rough measure this takes us to
> about 500sq ft to cover (i'm including the door as if it were to be
> painted). 2 gallons should cover it (joachim did say that primer would
> be good).

i realized that my # didn't include the ceiling. this would make it
something like 570sq ft. still under the 2 gallon cover (i keep reading
~400sq ft per gallon, but i am not a trained professional).


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