[Darkroom] Darkroom Chemical inventory

Lilia Markham liliakai at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 02:46:52 UTC 2010

Hey all,
I went through all the chemicals on the shelf today. I've included my raw list below. Will transfer to the wiki in a more orderly form at some point. 

For those too lazy to parse the list (I would be), we have lots of developer for paper and film and enough hypo clear to last until the rapture. We could probably use a little more fixer, and some stop bath. 


NB chemical inventory


Trimethyl borate 98+%, 100ml - what is this for???
Pmk pyro film developer solution b, 1L
Pmk pyro film developer solution a, 500ml
Berg selenium toning solution, 16 fl oz (474ml)
Kodak fixer, diluted 375g/0.5gal h20, 2 jugs @ ~half gal each. Expired 7/10 :(
Kodak photo-flo 200 solution, 16 fl oz (x2)
Golden artists polymer varnish with UVLS (gloss), 8fl oz (x2)
Golden artists acrylic flow release 8fl oz
Golden artists clear tar gel, ~4 oz
Liquitex acrylic gloss medium & varnish ~6fl oz
Liquitex acrylic matte varnish (satin finish) 8fl oz
SpoTone 3, 0.5 fl oz (x2)
Edwal Hypo check, 0.75 fl oz and 3oz


sodium thiosulfate (hypo, anhy) ~0.5 lb
Kodak fixer for film, paper or plates 24oz, makes 1gal
Kodak pro d-76 developer for film, 14.6 oz, makes 1 gal
" 7oz, makes 0.5 gal (x2)
Kodak dektol developer for paper 9.5oz, makes 0.5 gal (x2)
Kodak hypo clearing agent for film and paper 4.25 oz, makes 1.25 gal
" 17.7 oz, makes 5gal (x2)
" 4.4oz, makes 1.25gal (x11)

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