[Darkroom] Moving the C41 machine Monday (call for help)

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 21:24:41 UTC 2010

Today isn't going to work out so the current plan is to move the
machine tomorrow. It weighs 175 kg (385 lbs) and is 124 x 58 x 106 cm.
Today I'm going to stop by Noisebridge to test the elevator and check
out possible landing spots.

I have a flat dolly and a lifting dolly.

I need:

1. 4 people who are comfortable doing a little lifting
2. Someone who can rent/provide a truck

I may be #2 (not guaranteed, I have to make some calls tomorrow) and I
can probably be one of #1.  I'm thinking early evening, but I can be
available pretty much any time. Availability?


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