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There is an opening for an intern at Rayko. I applied last year and got it…
though I wound up turning it down because I saw Rayko as taking advantage of
interns to profit and decided I would rather invest my time and energy into
a more community minded space(like noisebridge)

However, maybe someone on here would really love this opportunity. You
intern at the darkroom (basically a photolab tech with no pay) and get an
hour in the darkroom for every hour you put in(but get bumped if a
priority/paying customer comes in)

Check it out

~Shalaco Wordsmith

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Subject: artist-in-residence application deadline December 14th!
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Hello artists and friends,

The application deadline for our artist-in-residence program is fast
approaching. Please read below and share this with any photographers who you
feel could benefit from access to RayKo's outstanding facilities.



RayKo's Residency Program was developed to continue our support and
education of fine art photographers. Through the program, artists receive a
$2250 credit for use of the rentals, services, and workshops at RayKo.
There is a five month time frame to shoot, print, and complete the body of
work, and one month to prepare work for the exhibition.  Artists gain
hands-on experience in the process of creating work, from conceptualizing,
printing, framing, and hanging. Work produced in the program will culminate
in a show in our side gallery. Up to three final prints of the gallery’s
choice will be donated to RayKo’s print collection.  Artists will meet with
the gallery director to review work and to help develop and realize the
final project. Staff mentoring is also available to assist in the artistic
development of residents and cultivate a more polished body of work.

Please note the RayKo credit is not a cash stipend for material, frame, or
supplies, and it does not include housing, transportation or food.

For more information and for details on how to apply, please visit our


Looking forward to seeing your work!

All the best,


Ann M. Jastrab

Gallery Director

RayKo Photo Center

428 Third Street

San Francisco, CA 94107


gallery at raykophoto.com
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