[Darkroom] flickr pool

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 05:00:00 UTC 2010


For any newcomers, if you're on flickr you should join the optics
hacking group. One day I will link it to the wiki somehow so that
people can see the sort of photography stuff people are doing at

I'm also dropping a note to let you guys know that I just went through
and moderated out a bunch of photos that I judged as "not hacking".
I'll be pretty lenient about what constitutes "optics hacking" (like,
really effing long exposures or really effing fast both count for sho)
but standard development film or un-doctored digital is fair game for
moderating out. Cross-processed film or heavily photoshopped digital
is borderline. I guess normal photos of people working on photography
hacking projects would maybe be ok. I would be up for adding another
admin if anyone feels strongly about this.

Incidentally, I totally moderated out some great photos. I think it
would totally make sense to have a general noisebridge flickr pool for
shit that goes on at noisebridge and stuff. Should I make that group?
Or someone else can. It can be totally unmoderated. If it's vaguely
related to noisebridge it goes in there.


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