[Darkroom] Granite Counters and naming

Ben Rupert meowdip at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 03:23:25 UTC 2010

  I had forgotten about the radioactive nature of granite.  It's a
serious concern and I think we should avoid using it.  As for the exopy
resin coating, I'm not sure.  We don't use them in chemistry labs
because they aren't resistant enough, but I don't think we'll be using
the worst of those chemicals (like strong oxidizers or concentrated
nitric acid) in the darkroom.  I think some epoxies are sensitive to
acetone and even concentrated acetic acid though, so we'll have to be
careful about choosing the right one.  If we can find formica it would
certainly do the job.  I guess I'm fine with the epoxy myself if we can
find information showing the resistance to chemicals we expect to use
for the specific formulation we're using.  This information should be
available from the manufacturer.
  As for a name, I have come up with a bunch of fairly bad ideas.  I've
never let that stop me before, so here they are:
  The most obvious and least interesting would be Optics Lab or Imaging Lab.
  Since the space is small and dark and once you go in you can't come
and go until you're done your time (that is, until you're done making
prints, etc), it could be nicknamed Solitary Confinement.
  It could also be called the Physical Sciences Closet.  Then people who
use the space could be closet scientists.
  Again owing to the small box-like quality of the space and the fact
that the inside is painted black, it could be the Black Box.  This also
works as people will see us bringing materials in and finished product
out, but can't watch the process from the outside.
  Since we will be using chemicals, lasers and high voltage in there is
could also be the Unmitigated Risk Lab.

Hopefully someone (maybe even me?) will come up with something better
for a name.


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