[Darkroom] Starting a camera/equipment inventory and lending library

Shålaco Sching shalaco at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 00:21:14 UTC 2010

Shoot the labels you want printed to me.

On 2/20/10, Rubin Abdi <rubin at starset.net> wrote:
> Noisebridge now has a ton of cool photography related equipment. Some of
> which many of us on this list would like to use because they're cool,
> some of which we could lend out to those wanting to learn general
> photography.
> There's nothing stopping anyone from taking anything out of Noisebridge
> for the personal use and nothing is secure in the space. Most of the
> time when things "get stolen" from here it seems like it ends up being
> someone thinking they could borrow something and forgetting to return
> it. If we create a library system now and label things properly, this'll
> give convention to others to remember to return things. It'll also give
> those who want to use the object next the ability to poke the current
> borrower and remind them to return it.
> The logical system to do this is to label everything with names, then
> have a place to document check out name (email would be best), checkout
> date, check out condition, estimated return, actual return, return
> condition. This can either exist in real life (as in a notebook in the
> space) or on the wiki. I wouldn't do both as that gets confusing.
> Unless I hear any objections I'm going to go ahead and print some sheets
> for a binder to keep in the darkroom with a small inventory of our stuff
> that I'm fairly sure is good to check out. Current list on mind is...
> * Nikon N90s - Donated by unknown
> * Nikon D70 IR - Donated by Peter Hamel
> * Nikon Nikkor 28mm 2.8 - Donated by Peter Hamel
> * Nikon Nikkor AF 35-70mm 2.8 - Donated by unknown
> * Nikon flash SB-26 with cable - Donated by unknown
> And just my luck the label printer ran out of labels. :(
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