[Darkroom] Door / sink / fan update

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 23:02:41 UTC 2010

FYI folks, we installed the door jam, but the door itself still needs
to be screwed in.  And ideally the door frame should be chiseled out a
bit at the hinge points so it fits flush.  And then we'll be
light-sealing the door.

Also, the kitchen/bathroom folks have accumulated several sinks, one
of which looks like a good fit for our needs, so it's over by the
darkroom now.  It's got one large shallow sink that would fit an 8x10
pan and probably an 11x14, and another smaller shallow sink which we
could use for fix drainage, etc.  In the next day or two we're going
to settle on a location for that and let Scott know where the drain
pipe should go in.  In the meantime Ben might do a last minute check
on some other sink options at Urban Ore.

More alsoer, we're still on the lookout for a 150cfm fan, roughly
10-12" square, and some square duct.  We think the 70cfm one Joachim
bought is a little weak for the space so we've donated it to the

As usual, help is welcome.  I might stop by later today but definitely tomorrow.


On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 5:06 PM, Ben Rupert <meowdip at gmail.com> wrote:
> Brought the door jamb to nb, can hang the door tonight if anyone wants to
> come help.  I may leave and get tea, but I'll watch my email so send a reply
> if you want to come work on this tonight.
> Ben
> On Jan 16, 2010 9:05 AM, "dpc" <weasel at meer.net> wrote:
> Ben Rupert <meowdip at gmail.com> writes: > I plan to buy a door jamb tomorrow
> and bring it to noisebr...
> i'll mostly be around but i find that it is easier to plan when people
> pick times that are good for them for others to join :-)
> \p
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