[Darkroom] equipment inventory + where's the digital film camera??

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 07:48:24 UTC 2010


So, firstlymost, the digital film camera donated by whathisname is
missing. Does anyone know where it went?  The digital video camera he
donated it with the AV stuff in classroom Church.  (Ani: you haven't
seen the digital film camera have you? I'm just hoping...)

Joachim and Ian and I organized the darkroom this evening, because if
I didn't clean it my head was going to explode.  There is still a lot
to be done, but it's much much better.  We updated the equipment
inventory and added a wishlist.

Ben and I have a plan to install the fan and ducts--help welcome. That
will happen in the next few weeks.  The room had some fresh light
leaks, so Ben and I patched those, and Joachim helped seal a couple of
telltale ground level holes. (no rats nests, thank god)

The other major thing to deal with is plumbing.  Yet another
enthusiastic newbie (YAEN?), BenG, has offered to help with plumbing,
so I'm mentioning that to guilt him into sticking around.  Joachim may
have a pump source, which may or may not be necessary. (and hi Zedd.
You're already on this list, right?)

Yay progress!


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