[Darkroom] Kirilian photography, iteration 1!

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 07:56:14 UTC 2010

I'm proud to announce that today we did two different test shots
(several exposure variants for each) on BW film.  I just thought I'd
put this in a separate email so that it's not lumped in with all of
the work and hassle.  We made a cool thing!  With electricity!  And
it's totally useless!  And Josh only got shocked a few times!  Joachim
has several scraps of film to take to photoworks tomorrow, and we'll
see how that goes.  We used the mystery bulk film, so soon we'll know
what it is!

Also, one of the red bulbs was replaced with a black light bulb, and
we had to switch that back, because many BW films are UV sensitive so
black light == not safe, mmkay?  Someone donated some badass heavy
glass lightshields, and we talked about painting one red and making it
the new "in use" light.  But me personally, I'm holding out hope for
an animated LED display.  Or maybe a walk / don't walk traffic light?
Not that I'm encouraging vandalism.


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