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miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 22:19:12 UTC 2010

> My list would be:
> -make sink counter latch to shelves as backsplash, so we can use the big
> sink
> -light seal the door or erect the curtain maze again
> -light seal the fan area better
> -light seal the corner which points into the kitchen better (there are
> some small leaks there)
> -wire the fan to the switch by the door
> -document and organize the safelights -- there is a whole variety of
> safelights for use with different types of film. I have no idea what
> we have currently installed. It's probably only usable with BW
> printing.
I still gotta build tables for the 2 enlargers...  That's what the 2x4's in
the room and some ply in the shop is for.
I bought a door molding set to help with light sealing the door, and can
refasten some curtains for a lightlock...

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