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craig spam craig.spamy at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 02:58:47 UTC 2010

Hey All,

The saga of my mystery film continues... (Thanks, Lilia for helping me
develop the film)

I tried to develop some photos today, but they developed much slower than I
remember.  Specifically:

I used a projector exposure of between 30 seconds and 300 seconds at 30
second increments (revealing small bits of the paper every 30 seconds).
I then put the paper in the developer marked "Ilford paper dev".

I expected to see photos begin to develop in 60 to 180 seconds, but it took
more like 360 seconds and the photos came out with much less contrast than I
would expect given the high contrast in the negative.

I'm thinking that the developer is probably all used up, but since it's been
10+ years since I've done any of this myself, I thought I'd ask a second
opinion before I buy some more.  Thoughts?

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